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ABES Consulting International GmbH is an engineering consulting group providing services with a special focus on bridge engineering and the design of complex structures.

ABES consists of well-established consulting firms who have decided to combine their efforts and work together in international consulting projects. Ownership is held equally by the members in Lisbon, Tel Aviv, and Graz.

ABES is able to provide top-level engineering and will deliver to the highest quality expectations. We thrive on applying innovative methods and technologies in order to find the optimal solutions for our clients.

ABES staff are experienced engineers who are able to make their consulting services available world-wide. Services offered include the full range from feasibility studies, conceptual and preliminary design to detailed design and independent proof checking. Our engineers are multi-lingual, multi-cultural and capable of working in many different cultural environments.

ABES offices are located in Portugal, Israel, Austria, Australia and Vietnam.



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