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Composite Bridges

Ease and speed of construction and the light weight are often the main selling points for composite bridges. These particular properties of composite bridges allow for minimal traffic disruptions, simple assembly methods and high quality of workmanship due to industrialised work shop procedures. However, nowadays composite bridges are also considered very cost-effective when life-cycle cost is taken into account. Contrary to common believe, these bridges also compare favourably with other solutions when maintenance and rehabilitation issues are regarded. Modern paint coatings last up to 20 years, inspection is usually simple and rehabilitation measures are easy to implement. Composite bridges therefore are becoming increasingly popular in aggressive climates.

Passagem Superior PS21B
Passagem Superior PS21B

Due to our long-standing involvement with steel and composite solutions we have a detailed understanding of construction and fabrication issues. ABES engineers will provide detailing that matches the specific requirements of steel contractors. In combination with our practical experience we also have strong ties to relevant academic research at the highest level. Where required we can also use our good connections to steel contractors in many regions world wide.

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