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Structural Analysis of Cable-Supported Bridges

ABES engineers have comprehensive experience in all aspects of structural analysis and design of cable-stayed and suspension bridges. During their professional careers our engineers have participated in the design of cable-stayed and suspension bridges world-wide with a special emphasis on the computer modelling of these structures. The duties performed during these assignments included:

Giv'ataim Bridge
Giv'ataim Bridge
  • The development of design solutions during preliminary design, detailed design, construction engineering and proof checking.
  • Construction stage analyses using backward and forward methods, optimisation of stressing sequences for cable-stayed bridges, calculation of pre-cambers, shape finding for suspension bridges.
  • Dynamic analysis including the dynamic response to wind and earthquake loading on the completed structure and during construction.
  • Consideration – where necessary – of time dependent effects, P-delta effects, cable sagging, large deflections, material non-linearities.
  • Cooperating with bridge engineers from many different cultural backgrounds.
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