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Incrementally Launched Bridges

Incrementally launched bridges are often cost-effective solutions for continuous bridge beams. The industrialised manufacturing of bridge girders in a casting or assembly yard often leads to considerable cost savings and a high quality in workmanship. Especially in situations where scaffolding is difficult to implement this method can be a competitive solution. The mild reinforcement of incrementally launched concrete bridges is continuous, giving these bridges a comparatively high level of ductility which is advantageous in areas with stringent earthquake design regulations. Incrementally launched steel or composite bridges can be assembled very fast and provide all advantages of light-weight solutions.

ABES engineers are recognised for their experience in the design and the construction engineering of incrementally launched bridges. We have a proven record in the successful completion of launched bridges and we understand the specific requirements of this particular construction method. We are prepared to support contractors who would like to consider incrementally launched design options and to help contractors who have not applied this method previously. In addition we can also provide design services for the casting yard and the launching nose, and we can also advise on all aspects regarding launching equipment.

Quarry Bridge
Quarry Bridge

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