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Giv'ataim Bridge

Location Giv'ataim, Israel
Giv'ataim Bridge
Date Construction in progress 2006
Services Detailed design and onsight services
ABES member ABES Israel - KEDMOR
The Hebrew name Giv’ataim means "two hills" and is derived from the typical landscape in the vicinity of this small Israeli municipality where a pedestrian crossing over a busy highway was required in order to complete a bicycle ring path around the city centre. The present design pays a tribute to the landmark surrounding of this particular place. The particular layout of the cable-stays results in an unusual elevation view mimicking the two hills which are the name patrons for this village.
The bridge is slightly curved in plan with a cable-stayed main span of 51m and a total length of 240m. The deck is constructed from post-tensioned concrete while the cigar-shaped pylons are made from steel emphasising the seemingly floating appearance of this bridge.

Giv'ataim Bridge
Project visualization of Giv’ataim Bridge

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