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Nesharim Interchange

Location Nesharim, Israel
Nesharim Interchange
Date 2006 - ongoing
Services Detailed design, design documentation and on-site supervision.
ABES member ABES Israel - KEDMOR
The four bridges of the Nesharim Interchange are designed in pre-cast segmental concrete to be constructed by the balanced cantilever method using at grade crane. The typical segment length is 2.85m – 3.00m and the segment depth has been kept constant. The segments are “glued” together in order to provide “wet joints” in accordance with AASHTO recommendations. Bridges G4-1 and G4-2 consist of three spans with a total length of 134.4m and a constant girder depth of 2.50m. The typical cross-section is 17.8m wide and is strengthened with in-box steel struts. Bridge G3-1 is a 5-span structure with a length of 264.3m and a variable width ranging from 20.5m to 24.5m. Closure is achieved by a 0.6m cast-in-place key segment. Bridge G3-2 is similar in length but has a cross-section of constant width.

Nesharim Interchange
Plan view of road alignments for the interchange.

Nesharim Interchange    Nesharim Interchange
Visualisation of the bridge cross-sections.

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