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Quarry Bridge

Location Roichmen Quarry, Israel
Quarry Bridge
Date Construction in progress 2006
Services Detailed design and onsight services
ABES member ABES Israel - KEDMOR
The Quarry Bridge crossing the "Roichmen Quarry" was designed partly as a pre-cast segmental balanced cantilever (414m) and partly as a cast-in-place incrementally launched girder of 409m length. The typical pre-cast segment length is 3.0m at its longitudinal axis and the maximum length of a segment for the incrementally launched part of the bridge is 22.5m long. The superstructure of both parts is made of a box girder of 3.3m depth and 11m width.
Pier 2 is much shorter, and therefore stiffer, than the other piers of this bridge. A special gap-element at the top of this pier enables the rest of the columns to respond prior to this pier in the event of an earthquake and by that prevent premature failure. A non-linear gap element was implemented as part of a pushover analysis in order to fine-tune the over-all earthquake response of the bridge.

Quarry Bridge
Box section for the pre-cast segmental portion

Quarry Bridge

Piers under construction

Quarry Bridge

Direct Displacement Based Design – DDBD

Quarry Bridge
The geometrical dimensions of the piers were set to the minimum possible in accordance with the DDBD analysis.

Quarry BridgeQuarry Bridge
Quarry Bridge
Quarry Bridge      Quarry Bridge
Quarry Bridge

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