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Zeitim Interchange

Location Jerusalem, Israel
Zeitim Interchange
Services Detailed design and documentation of two cut-and-cover underpasses and one bridge
ABES member ABES Israel - KEDMOR
The Zeitim Interchange is located at the eastern entrance to Jerusalem on the slope of Mount Scopus. The interchange joins National Route #1, Mount Scopus Tunnels access road and local entrances to adjacent villages.
The pre-stressed 2-span concrete bridge carries the entrance road to Mount Scopus Tunnels above National Road #1. The bridge is 80m long and 32.5m wide with skew supports calling for a cast in-situ voided slab solution for the deck. The sub-structure was made of cast-in-situ concrete columns and abutments supported by cast-in-situ concrete precaution drilled piles.
The first cut-and-cover underpass “A” is 272m long and 12m wide with 600mm abutment walls made from cast-in drilled piles connected by cast-in-situ concrete beam on top. The superstructure is made of precast "Inverted-Tee" pre-tensioned girders and cast-in-situ concrete on top.
The second underpass “B” of 59,2m length and 14.1m width was constructed using a “top-down” approach where after completion of the abutment wall pile drilling the superstructure slab was post-tensioned and sub-sequent excavation exposed the pile walls.

Zeitim Interchange
Voided slab bridge

Zeitim Interchange    Zeitim Interchange

Underpass “A” during construction with the new bridge in the background on the right

Zeitim Interchange

Structure cross-section voided slab bridge

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