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ABES Indochina is an engineering consulting firm providing services in the fields of bridge engineering, building design, town planning, urban development and technology transfer.

ABES Indochina represents the international ABES network in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. As such we also provide the link between the ABES network and the Vietnamese multi-sector corporation V@STAR group.

ABES Indochina provides engineering services at the highest level through cooperation with international partners within the ABES network and diligent quality control. We are competent in the application of innovative technologies and we draw from many years of experience accumulated by our key staff.

ABES Indochina is a competent partner for technology transfer into Indochina. We can establish contacts within the Indochinese engineering community on the one hand and we can reach out to international partners on the other hand. We can provide efficient and competent logistic and technical support for project partners.

ABES Indochina is an attractive partner for investors searching for a local partner in Indochina. Through the members of V@STAR group all relevant business services for potential investors can be provided including market research, liaison with national and local authorities, finance issues and management support.

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