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ABES Indochina are specialists in the design of complex structures with a special focus on bridge engineering and building design. We offer preliminary, final and detailed design services, constructability reviews and independent checks.

ABES Indochinas’ bridge design services include overpasses, viaducts and cable-supported bridges. We are experienced designers of road, railway and pedestrian bridges. Our engineers have ample experience in the use of pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, steel, timber and composite materials.

ABES Indochina also offer design services for complicated building designs, various land-stabilising structures, containment vessels and many more. We have excellent links to internationally appraised architects and building services providers.

ABES Indochinas’ engineers are competent in using advanced methods based on linear and non-linear analysis, supported by routinely applied advanced computing tools. We have specialist expertise in structural dynamics including earthquake engineering, wind dynamics and vibration control.

ABES Indochinas’ staff are highly qualified to design segmental bridges, box girder bridges, arch bridges, incrementally launched brides, cable-stayed bridges etc.

ABES Indochina offer extensive services in the wide field of infrastructure management including supervision, inspection and rating of structures, the preparation for maintenance and upgrade recommendations and the creation of inventory management systems.

ABES Indochina can provide all services needed to promote, support and lobby investments in Vietnam. Through our partner companies in V@STAR group we can arrange diverse services ranging from project management, finance management and human resource management to all services needed for project development and project execution.

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