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GIPAC-ABESPT is a well-established engineering consulting firm and member of the ABES network in Lisboa, Portugal.

GIPAC-ABESPT provides services in most fields of civil and structural engineering with a particular focus on building design, bridge design, steel and composite structures. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality, applying advanced methods and using innovative technologies.

GIPAC-ABESPT staff are highly skilled engineers who have an intimate knowledge of the Portuguese market requirements and use this knowledge to the advantage of their clients. Our services include feasibility studies, conceptual and preliminary design to detailed design, independent proof checking and structural inspection.

GIPAC-ABESPT engineers also participate actively in international projects of the ABES network. Our engineers are therefore trained to perform in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment.

GIPAC-ABESPT takes part in the internal quality assurance program performed within the ABES network.

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